New technologies in schools: To help or to hurt?

MODERN technologies are used to improve our lives every day. They can bring great help to school teacher and students but some of them can harm the studying process.

Technologies in school: Useful friends or harmful enemies?

Technical progress and modern technologies help to improve our lives to make them more comfortable. We can see that every day new gadgets and the latest software appear. Needless to say, our life can be simplified a lot.
People get new possibilities easily. Of course, new technologies can be used for study too. Nowadays, you can attend English classes online or use modern software for learning math. Many schools use various devices but they can get both negative and positive effects from it.
There are many theories that explain how technologies help to improve studying but there are plenty of people who think that schools should use old methods without renovation and including the latest inventions.
Let’s define what kind of modern devices both teachers and pupils can use, and then analyze what kind of harm or help each of these devices can bring to them. In fact, most of the schools use the next devices every day:

  • laptops and computers;
  • projectors;
  • e-books;
  • tablets and cell phones;
  • calculators.

And now, we will try to analyse what kind of help and harm each of these devices can bring to school students.

Laptops and computers

For the last decade, laptops and computers are very helpful for school students. Modern pupils cannot imagine creating various academic papers, reports, presentations, and other documents without computers. Thanks to the Internet connection, students can search for all the needed information easily without visiting a library and searching for books there. Students can pass various tests on the laptops, and the program checks them automatically. This is a great help for teachers who don’t need to work with many papers and spend many hours while checking tests.
These devices have a bad part: their hard drives may crash suddenly, and people risk losing their information. When pupils work on laptops, they may also distract on many things, including social networks or advertisements and spend many hours doing a simple task. And those people who used to distract easily, risk not to finish their assignments within a deadline.

Projectors with boards

Visualization is a great thing for students: they can remember much better all the information the teacher told them during the lesson.
Thanks to projectors, pupils can create their own projects and presentations. This is a very important moment for their development.
Projectors don’t bring any harm to people. Of course, in some cases when schools have problems with electricity, these devices won’t work at all. Much earlier, students made presentations with project posters drawn by hand. Needless to say, modern technologies have improved studying in a good way.


These are great devices students like a lot. Instead of getting a heavy bag full of books, students can have this device to access all the needed books for studying at school and at home.
Here we have to say that thanks to electronic books, pupils can save a lot of money. It’s cheaper to get an e-book and upload tons of books there instead of buying so many paper books.

Some people, especially old teachers with traditional views like to read paper books. Of course, e-books can be great for most of the students but there are some people who need paper versions too. The plus of paper books is you have a great possibility to write important notes with a pencil during the reading.

Tablets and cell phones

In general, these devices don’t improve the studying process at all. Some pupils like to play various games and it distracts them from lessons. They use their phones to chat with friends and also distract from the teacher’s words. Of course, in the case of various emergencies in schools, cell phones may be quite useful to inform people about something happened. But in general, they bring a lot of harm to schools. There are many schools that forbid people to use these things in class.


Lazy students like to use these devices when they need to count something. Calculators don’t let their brains to develop in any way. Schools should forbid students to use them because calculators couldn’t bring any help. Pupils are getting very lazy, so they may fail their exams because they don’t know exactly how it is possible to count without calculators.
As you can see, some devices are very helpful for schools while others don’t bring any help and only distract pupils from studying. The best decision is to use modern devices wisely.
Of course, there is no reason to let students use calculators, tablets, and phones but such useful devices like laptops, computers, e-books, and projectors should be used by teachers and pupils in the school.
There is no reason to use modern devices constantly: sometimes it’s useful to show a bright presentation with a projector but sometimes it’s good to read a paper book. Using modern technologies in schools also depends on the particular school, the views of the principal, methods, and many other things.

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