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Cordula Hamann: Recording for Marbella Now TV w/c March 25 on RTV Marbella.

I MUST have driven around with a ‘Home Deutsch’ cd in my car for three years, but neither I, nor my children who were also subjected to the many repetitions to and from school and the stables, learnt any German. 

To date I still rely on my ‘trade fair’ vocabulary to get by; getting a glass of still water, wine, potato salad or mustard for my frankfurter is still a challenge to master.

It was only this week that I wish I had tried a bit harder with the language as now, instead of for business, there’s a book I’d like to read but so far, it’s only being published in German!!!

The title is Der Unter Grund and it’s written by one of my guests on next week’s Marbella Now TV, Cordula Hamann.

Cordula was born in Berlin and has been a professional writer since 2007, with 10 books published to date. Her latest contribution tackles a subject which most of us have never heard of, the sand trade; as dirty behind the scenes as any other when large amounts of money are at stake.

With the exception of water, sand is the most sought-after natural resource in today’s world. So many things are made with it: glass, cosmetics, computers, mobile phones, processors, credit cards as well as concrete, lots of concrete!!

Apparently desert sand is too round to use, so all supplies are extracted from the ocean beds and not always legally. Our beaches are under serious threat and not just from the elements, so unless action is taken and awareness levels raised, the problem will only get worse.

Hence Cordula’s decision to address the issues, but by disguising the facts and cleverly weaving them into another thriller!

A work of fiction which tells many truths about this black market for sand, making for an equally informative and enthralling read.

So, wenn du deutsch sprichst, check out this book; it really does sound like a compelling read!

Hugs and happiness,

Nicole xox

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