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WHEN you type the words ‘all you need is…’ in any browser, then you will discover that most of the time the next word is ‘love.’ I believe that even without looking it up you would have known this.

For the most of us this is common, we hear it all the time. This is the way it is. When asking people, which I did, what this means for them personally, 99 per cent gave the same kind of answers – that love needs to come from outside of themselves. From a partner, children, animals, employers, neighbours, the government, the city council, the waiter of a restaurant, the car sales person, food and drinks. The list is endless.

I am pretty sure that if you ask yourself that same question at this very moment, you would also like that ‘love’ should come from an outside source. And again this is normal since we are so used to being told via marketing and what others have told us that something or someone else will make us happy. So self-love is not included here, that kind of self-love that we need so much in our life. Without it people may feel lost and may feel the need for others to fill in that gap. So start loving yourself.

When I asked the question to the same people if they knew how to do this most of them could not give an answer. You may be in the same position yourself right now. Do not blame yourself. You have probably never learned how to love yourself. I will write some guidelines how to start loving yourself (more) in forthcoming columns. In this week’s column I want to tell you that all the inspiration, all the power you need in your life is within yourself and therefore first of all you have to love yourself.

Imagine what your life would be like if you really loved yourself, if you could fully plug into your own power starting doing those things ‘you’ would like and love to do. It’s your life. Not someone else’s life (any more). The life inspirer you are looking for is within you in the first place. So what you can do already today is just tell yourself, even out loud if you can, that you really love yourself. And together with this put a big smile on your face. Make it positive.

It does not matter at this stage that you do not know exactly how to deeply love yourself. Just by saying it your brain will already get into a positive mode. Do this a few times a day. Make it a habit, like eating, drinking and sleeping. Make it a daily routine. I am sure things will already start to change in your life in an inspiring way.

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