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LOVE ISLAND A reflection of modern society

LOVE ISLAND: A reflection of modern society?

I TRULY can’t make up my mind whether society reflects the media, or the media reflects society. I suppose, when it comes down to it, they’re all actually in it together. I remember the 50’s, when BBC radio comprised the Light and Third programmes and the Home Service.  

In those early days, they flatly refused to play anything with a modern ‘beat,’ and utterly scorned the new, and to their mind, utterly degenerate ‘Rock n Roll.’ The presenters wore dinner jackets and tuxes to the studio – even though they couldn’t be seen. Television was also strictly controlled. Dress codes were strongly adhered to, Elvis Presley was only filmed from the waist up, and even mild swear words were utterly taboo.

After the Epilogue, the National Anthem always preceded the ‘test’ card which followed at around midnight. (Many families stood to attention in their living rooms while God Save the King rang out!) Was it all a good or a bad thing? Well I’m sure we all have our own opinions about that. It was however a fairly accurate reflection of society as it was during that post war recovery period.

A time when we had absorbed all the violence we could stomach, and patriotism was paramount to those who had survived the conflict.  Fast forward to the present day. With the advent of scores of channels and wavelengths – all trying to create their own money tree – the first thing that goes completely by the board is any semblance of responsible or moral obligations.

In fact, in their endeavours to attract more attention, some of the offerings of today’s media are almost beyond belief. (‘OAP’s Behaving Badly’ simply pales by comparison!)

I recently heard some radio station play a song whose lyrics comprised of nothing but the F word, chanted over and over again. There is a TV ‘dating’ programme that actually presents couples to each other stark naked. Apparently some male contestants are picked as possible partners merely for the size of their manhood! Cilla must be positively spinning!

Although I have never viewed the Mallorca show, to me the rules for the highly popular ‘Love Island’ however, truly do take the whole tin. This is the ‘contestants’ code’ insisted on by the producers of a programme that has been voted one of the most popular reality shows ever.

Rule 1. No masturbating. 2. No total nudity. 3. No sex while drunk. And, in an almost ludicrous effort to take the moral and hygienic high ground – rule four and five informs the contestants that there is to be ‘no smoking’ on camera and that  ‘condoms must be used at all times’!

And if all that doesn’t reflect the attitude and priorities of our modern society, nothing does.

And finally what a pleasure to watch the Ladies World Cup. A chance to really enjoy the game of football; instead of enduring a bunch of posturing, egotistical prima donnas, more worried about their hair styles and bank balances than the beautiful game. Well done England. Last eight at the time of writing.

Keep the faith.
Love Leapy.

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