Change is not difficult – it is the resistance to change

CHANGE: Embrace it!

HUMAN NATURE: Many of us find it difficult.

MOST of us like things to change for the better in our lives because we know deep inside that change is good. If life in general did not change, it would be at a standstill. The way we live as we know it would come to an end very soon. So change is part of our existence.

Nature changes, people change, everything changes all the time. We have known this since we were born and still many of us find it very difficult to embrace change.

During our lifetime we humans condition ourselves all the time. Specially with those wonderful things that we like or love a lot. This is normal human behaviour. Nothing wrong with that.

The danger, if we may use this word, lies in the fact that we get stuck in the (over) protective environment we are creating or someone else is creating for us.

At that certain time when change is knocking at our door, our first reaction will be not to open it. We would rather put an extra lock on it. Or two.

Fear of losing the golden cage we are in. Fear of having to let go of our daily routine life we just love so much. And this is completely understandable. So at that certain point when we hear the knocking we start resisting change.

We are putting ourselves in a protective mode, in the fight-or-flight response mode.

Change itself is not that difficult at all. Not as long as it brings us comfort, peace of mind, happiness and all those other positive things we like. We do not want to lose the good things in life. Of course not.

So now we have to learn to let go of the fear, of the resistance. Because change is ultimately good. Change is life. Change is future. Change is inevitable. Change belongs to us as food and water, as light and breathing. Change is part of our body and soul. It is what we as humans need to move on for many years to come.

Look from now on at change as the most normal thing in your life. Even if at first sight you feel that resistance. Some questions. How many times in your life have you already said after something changed that you were happy for it? Been asking yourself why you were so afraid of it? Finding out later that it was the best thing that ever happened to you?

Give yourself the power, the permission to walk through any change in your life with full confidence. Start loving it, start conditioning change as a wonderful positive part of who you are. Day in, day out. Let change be your unique guide that brings you those things your soul needs. If you can do this your life will ‘change’ for the good, the better, the best. And you will walk on this planet from now on with a big smile on your face.

CHANGE: Embrace it!

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