Colours and your mind

IT'S NOT BLACK AND WHITE: See the colours all around you

NOW that summer is officially upon us with its beautiful colours which are so much brighter as the sun shines on them, it is time to get some insight information about the impact of some of those colours on our minds – in business and personal life.

The list gives you an idea and can help you think differently about colours in the future. Have a look at colours in nature and in business. What are these colours telling you? What are businesses trying to achieve using certain colours? A good thing to know is that whatever your favourite colour is, just keep on liking it if you feel comfortable with it. Red gives us appetite, a form of urgency, warning, love, excitement – many fast food chains use this as their main colour.

Blue can be the colour of being calm, sadness, peace, cool, security, trust, productivity – some brands use it to tell you they are trustworthy. Green is predominantly connected with nature, good health, positive power, balance or even envy – a store will use this to tell customers they are environmentally conscious.

Orange is enthusiasm and attention – like traffic lights for instance and many posters in shops have an orange colour to get your attention. Yellow gives us sunshine, happiness, energy, warmth, emotionality – used by many all over the world as the colour for hope. Black, which like white is not actually a colour, stands for power, evil, unhappiness, negativity, but also strength and intelligence. White is the colour of clean, safe, pure, innocence, creativity.

Brown is connected with being strong, reliable, warm and friendly. And while purple can be mysterious and represent mystery and wealth, pink can be the colour of kindness and romance. But most of all, let colours inspire you in a positive wonderful way – whatever meaning people are giving to them. Just use the colours in your life the way you want them to be used. If you feel good with certain colours, if they make you happy and give you that uplifting feeling that you need, just go for them and give your life that wonderful colourful touch.

In Spain we are so lucky that there is such a big variety of colours all around us. Just have a deeper look at this from today on. Maybe you will discover more beauty than before in nature, flowers, plants, trees or even in buildings and other colourful things. Colours stimulate your brain every day. Find your positive colours and use them to shift your way of thinking towards the best possible way. Some nice quotes about colours are: ‘The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you,’ Coco Chanel – ‘Colours are the smile of nature,’ Leigh Hunt – ‘Colours are brighter when the mind is open,’ Adriana Alarcon.

Have a colourful life.

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