‘What if’ party manifesto

‘What if’ party manifesto

‘What if’ party manifesto Credit: Shutterstock

In the light of the Brexit party offering; this week I present my own ‘What If’ party manifesto.

Mine is aimed mainly at the immigration, benefits and lawless situations prevailing in the UK.

Perhaps all the ‘usual suspects’ out there would like to offer something positive for a change, and let us all know what they themselves would put forward were they elected PM?

I await the slings and arrows with bated breath!

  1. All legal British citizenship applicants required to pass more stringent entrance examinations, includingbasicEnglish, oral and written and knowledge of British history and culture. These examinations to be set and overseen by British nationals who have resided in the UK for at least three generations.
  2. No child allowance for any offspring after the second child.
  3. No free NHS for unregistered non-European nationals, except in dire emergencies. Allrecipients billed for services incurred.
  4. Genuine asylum seekers capped at 5,000 per year. Only exceptional circumstances considered after this figure reached.
  5. A restriction on numbers of specific religious buildings allowed per capita
  6. Rigorous inspections of schools suspected of disproportionate religious curriculums.
  7. ‘Young’,‘Juvenile’, and ‘Adult’ offender ages reduced.
  8. No gender or major sex education for any child under the age of seven.
  9. A re introduction of two years National Service for male and females at age16. (Bona fide students exempt)
  10. Strict boot camps for young offenders, to be run on army lines by the military.
  11. Immigrant boats and/or occupants immediately returned to country of embarkation
  12. Working camps for illegal immigrants and those without papers or proof of nationality.
  13. All lawyers’ dealing with immigrants and immigration matters, to have legal fees capped.
  14. American system of ‘three strikes’ introduced.
  15. Stop and search immune from all charges of racism or discrimination
  16. A total ban on full face masking of any description in public places.
  17. Prisons built specifically to house serious terrorist offenders.
  18. All overseas aid to be examined in depth and cut by at least two thirds.
  19. A court of frivolity. Selected judges to hear appeals from those who feel they have been accused for frivolous reasons,i.e.political correctness, health and safety issues.Racism etc. Heavy punishments for claims considered to be of malicious or frivolous content.
  20. The hierarchy of the BBC dismantled, dismissed and replaced
  21. All historical criminal accusations against service men and women dropped.
  22. MP’s to attend the house for at least four full days a week except during canvassing periods.
  23. All benefits completely cut for those who refuse offers of employment.
  24. A force of highly trained specialised, armed rapid response police/army units with extra powers to be assigned to reported trouble spots.
  25. Verbal abuse of police officers treated as seriously as physical attacks and heavy punishments for similar attacks on all medical workers.
  26. Proven fake news in any form treated severely; with technical offences. I.e. falsifiedderogatory statements appearing to issue from the mouths of politicians or leading figures, resulting in heavy fines and/or suspensions of media licenses.
  27. Legal gender decided by genital type only.

Have fun.

Keep the faith

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Leapy Lee

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