One of those days for gang of thieves in Granada

THIEVES in Granada have learned a lesson the hard way. If you are going to steal a van as a getaway vehicle make sure it is a reliable one. 

The van was stolen in a village in the Lecrín Valley and used for a break in at a warehouse. After forcing the front door of the premises they loaded the van up with €10,000 worth of goods before disappearing into the night. It was a case of so far so good for the criminals but matters were about to take a distinct turn for the worse. 

With the van heavily loaded with the stolen materials, the thieves headed for Pinos Puente. The wily crooks decided to keep a low profile and kept off the main roads, preferring instead the secondary, quiet routes. 

These old roads are not in the best state of repair and it could be that the bumps and potholes were too much for the old van to bear. 

For whatever reason, as they approached Pinos Puente the vehicle came to a juddering halt. This was not an ideal situation for the crooks – should they flee on foot and abandon their ill-gotten gains? 

Not these criminals, they were far too persistent for that. Witnesses report that they saw four people get out and start pushing the van, no doubt unwilling to leave €10,000 of loot behind. 

But as they worked up a sweat trying to get the van going again there was to be a twist that would send all their plans up in smoke – quite literally. 

As they redoubled their efforts to get the vehicle going, it burst into flames. It was only at this point that the thieves decided it was not to be their day and disappeared into the darkness as witnesses called the police. 

To add yet another twist, the flames spread to a neighbouring field and destroyed an overhead electrical cable, leaving local homes in the dark. 

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Dilip Kuner

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