New series on channel 5 Benidorm oldies shows how they “grow old gracefully”

A NEW series aired in the UK on Channel 5 has highlighted a change in the demographic that are frequenting Benidorm on holiday. The series followed older people that are shown drinking to excess and “growing old disgracefully”.

The programme focuses on 85-year-old Grace arriving on a six-week holiday and drinking from a bucket with a crude novelty straw and a “bad girl” hat on, tattooed rapper Jeanie B, 65, and Mr Benidorm from the Union Jack Bar amongst other quirky characters.

Jeanie B tells the cameras that she enjoys Benidorm because it’s the “party place of the universe” and she is the “greatest party animal the world has ever seen”.

The show, Benidorm: Brits on the Pull, aired at the end of July and comes at a time when the International press has been reporting on the alcohol, drug and sex-fuelled exploits of British pensioners in the holiday town. Part two of the series aired a week after showing more of the same characters and their behaviour in Benidorm.

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Ben Mulvey