Thieves steal € 9,000 from Post Office safe in Calpe via adjoining building

RAIDED: Postal Connections in Calpe was robbed in broad daylight on Sunday. CREDIT: Postal Connections

A post office in Calpe, Postal Connections, was broken into on Sunday at 2pm in the afternoon.

It is reported that the criminals broke in from the adjoining building through a storage room and managed to crack the code on the safe and walk away with over €9,000 in various currencies.

The unfortunate owner of the business, Heidi Bingham, entered the store to find the place destroyed with rubble at the source of break in and mess throughout the store.

According to the Guardia Civil, the criminals used a special high-tech device to override the safe, and currently have no suspects. The gang chosen the busiest time of year for the break-in suggesting they are likely professional criminals who have been monitoring the business over some time.

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