Asking for help brings people closer

HELPING OTHERS: Is perfectly normal.

HELPING OTHERS: Is perfectly normal.

SOME days ago, I had a fantastic meal with a very good friend of mine. We were talking for hours. There was a lot to say, to discover.

At a certain moment we were talking about when and if people who were really in trouble would ask for help. If it would bring people closer to each other. Something that looks so simple and easy but which is for many of us so hard to do.

We are not brought up like this. Or, we have to solve our own problems. And so many more answers.

And to a certain extent this is true. We need to sort out our own life and work. But on the other hand there are circumstances where someone really needs help. This can be when one is moving from one house to another and in desperate need of helping hands. Or it could be about mental guidance, financial help, etcetera.

We all need to find out our ourselves where the limit is, when to ask or not to ask for any help in our life.

The question we asked ourselves was if this would really bring people closer. The answer which may of course differ from your own way of thinking was yes. It will bring people closer. There is an extra human bonding between two or more people at the moment of giving and receiving help.

People who have been afraid to ask for help and have done it anyway say afterwards that most of the time they are very surprised the other person was so kind and so happy they could be of help. It involved, for both parties, a wonderful feeling. So yes, asking for help brings people closer.

We humans have it in us. We want to help others. This is being human. It is part of who we are. Having compassion, wanting to help others is for the biggest part of us as normal as eating and sleeping.

So next time you really need help just ask for it. And next time someone asks you for help just give it. With all of your heart.

We need to help others, help them to grow, to stay healthy etcetera.

Not only asking for help but also giving help will bring people closer. Much closer than you might think. Just try it out if you are not already doing so.

Asking for help does not mean you are a failure. It simply means you are just one of those humans who needs help at that certain moment in life. That you are taking care of yourself. And there is completely nothing wrong with it.

Just love helping people, animals, nature… whatever needs help.

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