The power of a dog or cat

CATS AND DOGS: More than furry friends.

CATS AND DOGS: More than furry friends.

The power of cats and dogs towards us human beings is enormous! We can easily call them fantastic counsellors with fur. No? They can, if you allow them, teach us so much about life in general.

Each time I have spent time with an animal, any animal, I shake my head thinking to myself… these wonderful creatures can teach us humans so much about love, compassion, forgiveness.  

For instance dogs have special listening skills. Have a look at children and even adults how they ‘talk’ to dogs and how dogs just listen to them. Not judging. The power of listening, just being in the moment is extraordinary. Even between humans. Only we can talk back and we do most of the time. So dogs are teaching us how to really listen.

Little children sometimes talk for minutes with a dog or a cat. The cat most of the times runs away after a while. That is why they are called cats and not dogs.

But back to the dogs and children. Next time you see this happening, watch them closely. See what happens and feel the energy between them. We may use the word amazing since that is what it is.

In some hospitals they use dogs just to be with patients. Let them sit on the bed or wheelchair. You see them interact, giving love and attention. You see how patients start to smile, have their feel good hormone working harder and harder. Just being happy.

Dogs decrease levels of stress hormones, lower blood pressure and many more things.

Petting a dog will do so much more to our body… and theirs.

It’s the same with cats, only slightly different. People love the way they purr. Some say it also releases stress and even pain. Cats are more independent then dogs and that is why so many people just love them. They exist in a way they want to, in control of their own life.

Some time ago a man told me he did not know if he likes a cat more over a dog but he said he liked one thing and that was the lesson a cat gave him which was living a more independent life, following his own soul instead of following the crowd. For me this was a very nice way of defining a cat.

Why did I want to write this small column about dogs and cats? Because they have power! Look at them, talk to them, just be with them. Learn from them. Even if you are not so comfortable being very close to them, give yourself the chance to notice them longer then you ever did before in your life.

Feel their power and put a big smile on your face since they prolong your life in a unique and good way. Let us be thankful for them living with us on this planet. Life would be totally different without them. Maybe there would be no life without them.

Love animals. All of them.

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