Loosen the grip

LIFE HAPPENS NOW: At this very moment, enjoy it, every single bit of it

LIFE HAPPENS NOW: At this very moment, enjoy it, every single bit of it.

IN golf they teach you to hold your grip on your club loose. It is all about the swing. If you stress too much on your grip you will not hit the ball or the ball will fly in a direction you did not want in the first place. Same when you learn to ride a bike. If you are sitting too tight on it, it will be more difficult to learn. So loosen the grip.

Also in your life. Loosen your grip. On material things, ego, what you say, your emotions, relationships, etcetera.

Once you start holding on to everything in life, in time it will be more difficult to loosen the grip. Sometimes people will be unable to do it.

Most of us know this but it is so hard not to get attached to others, to material things, to life itself.

One of the most important lessons in life is being able to let go. Not getting too attached. Here I am talking about just loosening the grip. Not even letting go. Not easy. But do-able, step by step.

Because when we die we lose grip on everything we have in one second. To make sure you get this I will write it again: when you die, you lose grip on everything in one second.

Do not wait that long. Learn from now on how to loosen your grip on everything in your life including your life. It will make living much easier to deal with.

There will always be bad days in our lives. But as long as we understand that those are just moments in life, that we can choose to let it all be a bit looser, we will feel more free, more at ease. Like the saying goes… tomorrow is another day… a new beginning. Be confident. Do not hold on to those bad days. They will pass. Loosen the grip on your negative thoughts.

Same with relationships. If you are holding on too tight, chances are you are creating a stressful relation instead of a loving one. Loosen the grip.

So what about loosening the grip on your own life? There is a saying: do not take life too seriously, you are going to die anyway. I believe we all know this. So ask yourself this question, knowing you are going to die anyway. Why is for most people life so full of negativity, anxiety, fear, and holding on to? Just reflect on this question for a moment.

Start today, step by step, loosening your grip on the things you want. I promise you that in time you will feel more relaxed, more free.

Loosen your grip on the past. Holding on causes more damage.

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