Boris Johnson Came Out Fighting Tonight In The Commons

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson after recent events in the last 48 hours, came storming out the traps in the House Of Commons this evening.
Firstly he lambasted remainer MP’s in the House saying they were paralysing the Country.
He then dared opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn to call a vote of no confidence and shouted that he wanted to deliver Brexit by October 31st and deliver what the people of the UK voted for.
He also went on to say he thought the Supreme Court were wrong in their ruling.
“We will not betray the people” he delivered from the dispatch box whilst wagging and pointing his finger towards Corbyn.
Corbyn’s response was that the Prime Minister should should do the honourable thing and resign from his position. He went on to say “Mr Johnson was a ‘dangerous’ PM who lacked a “shred of humility”. 
The clashes were ferocious at times as the pair went toe to toe.
Corbyn said he would not vote for a general election until an extension was applied for Brexit which was jeered down by baying Tory MP’s. 
Corbyn rallied out that the PM’s statement was “10 minutes of bluster from a dangerous Prime Minister who thinks he is above the law”.
He then went on to say “Yesterday’s Supreme Court verdict represents an extraordinary and I believe precarious moment in this country’s history. The highest court in this land has found the Prime Minister broke the law when he tried to shut down our democratic accountability at a crucial moment in our public life”
There had been rumours a third vote could be called for a general election but that disappeared into the evening night as the two battled away.
Corbyn stance was clear when he said “Our priority is to prevent a No Deal exit from the EU on the 31st of October, I am very happy to have an election when we have taken No Deal off the table and the EU has agreed to an extension”
It was clear tonight this row is going to rumble on and leave many in doubt if the Brexit will take place on the 31st October or not, we certainly didn’t learn anything more tonight.
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George Stephens


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