Air Raids In Mozzie Fight Back

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As we reported this week, plagues of mosquitoes are terrorising residents across the Costa Blanca but now the local authorities are fighting back from the air. 
This morning a helicopter fully loaded with 400 litres of insecticide onboard took to the skies to start the fightback against the invading nasty little blighters known as the Asian tiger mosquito.
This nasty species of mozzie can be a carrier of serious illnesses such as Dengue fever. These mozzies also attack in broad daylight as well as in the evening and night. They are relentless as they attack leaving victims with swarms of bites.
The mozzie attack helicopter deployed is able to spray down up to 10,000 litres a day of insecticide per day as they carry out the fight back missions against the irritating pests.
Also involved in the operation are three drones, three 4x 4 vehicles with 13 personal and a vet, the mission has been deployed until at the least until the end of 2019.
Operation mozzie fight back is well underway and will be a great relief to local residents after being bitten heavily over the last week since the invasion.  
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George Stephens


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