Completely merciless

WAR PAINT: Was supposed to frighten our adversaries.

WAR PAINT: Was supposed to frighten our adversaries.

WAR paint has been worn by warriors stretching back to the Neanderthals. Camouflage face paint is an integral part of our modern commando’s ability to melt into the background.

But the UK decision this week to allow male soldiers to wear make-up was truly so ludicrous I thought I’d been beamed up to another planet. It’s not even the decision that astounds me, it’s the knowledge that a contingent of our military’s finest actually sat around discussing whether eyeliner and sticks of shocking pink, should become a part of our fighting men’s battle kit! War paint was supposed to frighten our adversaries, not try to fool them into thinking they were being invited into a local gay bar by the Village People!

Couple that with encouraging soldiers to cry, giving time out for others to pray and prosecuting ex-army heroes for ‘historical crimes,’ really does make me despair that when we have to defend our country against adversaries, we’ll be far too busy being politically correct to even come close to claiming victory. One of our problems has always been to underestimate our enemies.

We always seem to think that others will respect the rules of war, or treat defeated enemies with chivalrous compassion and ‘uman rites’ etc. Well I have news for all the utterly misguided wimps and snowflakes.

Today’s adversaries are completely merciless, they would slit your throat and hang, draw and quarter you in front of your family.

There are no rules any more. Bringing political correctness into the equation can get us all dead. For all our sakes get real and concentrate on digging out our enemies at all cost. Only by confirming that we will stop at nothing to defeat them, will we have any chance at all of saving our lands and its citizens; and who knows,  by taking a strong and non-compromising stand perhaps – just perhaps, we can strike enough fear into our enemies that we won’t actually have to go to war at all. So for heaven’s sake all you military ‘Wallas’ forget the eye shadow and Estée Lauder and concentrate on lethal new weaponry and no quarter combat policies -before you all lose your heads and we lose the country we put our trust in you to fight for and protect.

You have no idea how much writing in this vein saddens me. Long into my 30’s I had retained my 60’s ‘flower power’ beliefs that peace and love was the only way and that war and violence would never be the answer to the survival of the human race. I still do believe these sentiments.

Unfortunately I am also a realist. Over the years I have recognised that for these ideals to prevail, everyone had to share the same teaching. Well they don’t. Extremism has manifested fanatics, who believe superiority can only be gained by delivering exactly the opposite. You cannot fight these people with reason or understanding. The only way to survive and bring peace to our future generations is by the annihilation of those whose sole aims are to annihilate us.

Keep the faith
Love Leapy.

Written by

Leapy Lee

Like Marmite, you either love Leapy or hate him. His controversial views and long-standing column make him one of the Euro Weekly News´ most-read columnists.