Left out in the cold

CIT MARBELLA: Largest Andalucia business networking association.

Having a cold is not the end of the world, which is just as well as right now so many people are coughing, spluttering and nose-blowing wherever one goes. Mine came on last Monday. I didn’t feel ill when I woke up but I did notice I looked and felt a little more haggard and I certainly wasn’t my bouncy self.   

Within a couple of hours and without further warning I suddenly felt like an airbag had gone off in my head, the pressure was almost scary until I realised what was happening; or what I thought was happening – ‘I too was getting the ‘flu’.’

I had to record TV the next day so I went to bed early, repeating to myself emphatically that I’d be fine in the morning, which is just as well, as even with such positive intentions it was a bigger challenge than I’d anticipated.

My first interview was with Begoña Castillo at the largest Spanish business networking association in Andalucia, CIT Marbella. I was really looking forward to it, as this association will be of much interest to our international community.

Now I’m interested to see how the interview actually came out as I don’t remember much about that part of the morning, except it was thanks to Begoña and the CIT team’s guidance that I next made my way to a chemist before carrying on to the Paloma Blanca Hotel to meet the rest of the guests.

It was my RTV Marbella cameraman Carlos who later pointed out how effective the ‘Frenadol’ was proving to be as I went from guest to guest, interviewing and apologising to each for being unwell and explaining why I was keeping my distance ‘to not pass on the ‘flu’.’ Rachel Garrod PhD MCSP is a breathing specialist (perfect timing to have her on the show!) and she pointed out that although the medicine was helping, I was just stifling the symptoms but doing nothing to actually cure myself.

Drinking lots of water is the main key.

She also reprimanded me for telling everyone I had ‘flu’ – apparently this can cause unwarranted panic in a community. I admit I brandished the word without much thought (probably because I’m not a doctor hehe) but I honestly thought that’s what I must have: I ached from head to toe, could hardly open my watery eyes, found it hard to walk, talk or even think with my head so intensely congested; how could this be just a cold?

That was three days ago and I haven’t been out of the house since; I’m missing all the Marbella International Film Festival screenings, workshops, red carpet premieres and events and I’m not sure I’ll make it to the Age Concern Ball tonight either; nor can I wear any of my new fancy Mapuchi Moda clothes selected for me by Sara just for these occasions – making me feel totally left out in the cold!

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Nicole King

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