Six Months And Still Missing After Arriving In Malaga?

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The family of a father and son who went missing in Malaga six months ago say “the heartbreak still remains”.

Daniel and Liam Poole went missing on April 1 after leaving their cases and passport in their hotel on arrival.

British and Spanish police continue to investigate the situation of the missing of the pair, from Burgess Hill in West Sussex.

They had travelled to Malaga on the Costa del Sol on March 31 and last made contact with their family a day later, Sussex Police said.

Lauryn, who is the daughter and sister of the missing men, spoke out of her heartbreak over the previous months.

Lauryn said: “Six months have gone and yet the pain hasn’t lessened. Our lives haven’t got easier and the heartbreak still remains.

“Our daddy and our brother have been missing from our lives, family events and birthday for six months, and it couldn’t feel anymore unreal.

“We miss them both so much I just urge anyone with any information to come forward so that our hearts can start to mend and we can be a step closer to having our daddy and brother back.”