” Robbie Jackson” East Ender Actor Retreats To Spain After Contract Terminated

Credit Twitter

EastEnders actor Dean Gaffney has been sacked from the BBC One soap.

BBC bosses allegedly terminated his contract following claims Gaffney, 41, asked a stranger, online, for sexy photographs.

The actor plays Robbie Jackson in Albert Square had only a few weeks left on his current deal when he was written out of scripts early.

Viewers recently saw “Robbie” leave to spend time with son in India but did not know that Dean Gaffney had been written out of the soap.

An inside  source said: “Bosses have left the door open for his character, so there’s always the chance that one day he might be able to return.”

Gaffney had recently been posting snaps of himself at a holistic retreat here in Spain.

Gaffney posted on instagram as he sat on La Concha mountain  “My health is important I need to always be aware of that, not just physically but mentally.”

On another, he wrote: “Feed the soul not the ego.”

What’s next for Gaffney is unknown but in our opinion asking for a photo is hardly worth the sack from your job and we invite Dean into the office at the Euro Weekly News to share his side of what seems a one sided story!