5 Day Old Baby Girl Buried Alive Found

Credit Twitter

A baby girl unbelievably found buried alive in India is a suspected case of female infanticide, Indian police have said, the latest issue to highlight the preference for sons in a country where the number of girls has been dwindling.

An Indian couple, who went to bury their own newborn at a grave after she passed away in their local hospital, were shocked to discover the baby alive inside an earthen pot buried several feet deep, said a police officer in Bareilly city in northern Uttar Pradesh state.

“Their spade hit the pot and they heard a baby’s cries coming from it,” it’s reported in India.

“They immediately called the cemetery guard, who said that he saw the parents there earlier. It seems to be a case of female infanticide,” said the source, who added that the baby was about five days old.

The baby was rushed to the nearest hospital, where she is recovering, whilst Police are hunting down the babies parents.

 Daughters are often seen as a liability in, India, with families having to pay dowries when they marry, while sons are glorified as breadwinners who can inherit property and continue the family name.