Breaking News – Paul Gascoigne Found Not Guilty Of Sexual Assault

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Former England footballer Paul Gascoigne has been found not guilty of sexually assaulting a woman on a train in August 2018.

Gazza, as he’s known to football fans all over the world, was accused of sexual assault after giving a woman a ” sloppy kiss” on a train.
The accuser had claimed in the trial that Gazza was drunk and that she didn’t know who he was until 5 days later.
She had said the kiss had shocked her.
Gazza had told the court another passenger had called the accuser ” fat and ugly” on the train so he simply tried to cheer her up with a big kiss!

He said in court his instinct was to “automatically protect” anyone who is teased about their weight, telling the court how he was called a “fat b******” when he was a player.

He said in his defence the insult towards the woman came after someone suggested she have “a selfie with Gazza”, at which point he overheard someone say: “You don’t want a photo with her, she’s fat and ugly.”

Gazza in the trial said he was not “so drunk he didn’t know what he was doing” at the time, and any impression he was slurring his words was because he did not have his false teeth in”

He even took his teeth out during his evidence and demonstrated how different his voice sounded without them in.

The jury accepted his not guilty plea on the basis of Gazza’s evidence and cleared him of all charges.