Can We Have Your DNA Please Ma’am?

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An elderly man who looks a little like the Queen’s uncle and former monarch, Edward VIII, is requesting that members of the royal family undergo DNA testing in order to prove his royal ancestry or he will sue them legally.

Francois Graftieaux, 73, claim is that he is the grandson of Edward VIII, he claims that his father, Pierre-Edouard, was born due to an illicit affair between his grandmother Marie-Leonie and the royal family member.

 Edward VIII was surrounded in scandal when he abdicated from the throne in order to marry American divorcée, Wallis Simpson.

 However, if François Graftieaux’s claims are to be believed, his actions could cause even more trouble for the Windsors.

This morning we asked Royal fan, Hazel Loveridge, her views as she strolled with her dog along the beach this morning in Fuengirola.

Hazel said “it’s ridiculous and reminds me from the scene of Only Fools And Horses when Del Boy and Rodney went to France to trace Uncle Alberts roots and they all had white beards” she laughed.

” Anyway,” said Hazel who clearly knew her Royal history “Even if it were proved that François, is the grandson of Edward, he would have no claim to the throne as any of the Duke of Windsor’s descendants lost their birth-right when he abdicated so what’s his point?…. silly man”