EWN Accurate Weather Report -Enjoy A Sunny Weekend!


This week we start with the Malaga region first as there has been reports of rain.

Malaga region today is basking in temps around 27c with a little cloud in the sky.

Our contact at the Met centre informs us that tomorrow Saturday in the Malaga region temps are due to lover slightly to around 25c at high points and a low of 17c with a little extra cloud in the sky with very little chance of any rain.

Sunday will drop a little more to around 22c with actually less cloud than Saturday.

The first signs of rain are predicted for Tuesday next week and described as light occasional  rain.

Moving onto the Costa Blanca Alicante region no rain is forecast for the weekend either, with temps being in the same regions as Malaga although rain will enter the equation both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Going further North, to the Torrevieja regions again the same as above for Malaga and Alicante although the entering rain on Tuesday and Wednesday the rain will be heavier.

For those of you in the Almeria region you are going to get very little cloud but lower temps around a high of 24c with no rain or cloud again until Tuesday.

All regions after mid week rain will all return to the Sun for the rest of the week according to our contact.

Remember folks, this is the weather and everything can change! but the EWN contact since informing us hasn’t been wrong yet, so it is safe to say enjoy a sunny weekend!