Father On The Streets Of Catalonia With Baby Triggers Viral Video

A VIDEO has circulated this week and has undoubtedly become one of the most viral videos of the week showing images of a father holding his baby during a night of unrest in Barcelona.

The video has received thousands of retweets and the interpretations behind the father’s action have also been diverse.

The father has stepped forward to give his version.

The general interpretation made is that the man had left home with his son for fear that his house would be burned due to the fires initiated by protestors over the ruling of the procés. And that he had indignantly faced the demonstrators.

The father, Josep, has given his version of the facts and has assured that the situation in not as portrayed by the media.

Firstly the father stresses how the images have been spread in a totally “uninformed” way and criticises that he was never asked for his version of the events.

He underlines that most of the published information is false, that he was not confronting the demonstrators but was angry with the journalists and explains his reasons.

The father had been working in his office that night and his own father, who had been babysitting the child, had phoned him to inform that the situation was heating up in the streets.

Prompting Josep to return home with the idea of taking his baby out of the building to stay with some friends until the firefighters put out the fire.

On exiting his building he made his way to a fire-free area where he was met by a “barricade of journalists” and that is when things got out of control.

The journalists starting taking photos of him and in the heat of the moment, he lost his temper. He has strongly criticised the fact that a fragment of video that circulated after was “very well calculated” publishing his outburst and warping the reality of events.

Josep now says he’s trying to get back to normal, but he regrets that some journalists are still chasing him to talk to him. Under media pressure he has temporarily left Barcelona sating that the media persecution has caused him more stress than the protests and fires themselves.

In addition, he highlights his concern that if perceived as a “bad father” by the authorities they’d take away his custody of the baby.

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