Eye Witness At FA Cup Pitch Walk Off Say’s Goalkeeper “made it up”

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Karl Rowbottom life long Yeovil Town Supporter arrived in Malaga this morning disgusted by his Football Club who made history for the wrong reasons yesterday being the first English football team to have the opposition walk off the pitch due to alleged racism.

Karl 30 who is from the Town was an eye witness yesterday to the earlier reported incidents as he stood behind the goal during the FA cup match that was abandoned.

Karl claimed the goalkeeper actually started banter with the opposition fans by squirting water at them from his drinks bottle.

This Karl claimed triggered off the situation and saw jest as Yeovil fans threw plastic bottles at the keeper in question.

He said ” the keeper actually found it amusing and threw the plastic bottles back at the Yeovil fans, it was only when we won a penalty and scored it that he claimed racist abuse and moaned to his Manager, the next thing they all started walking off the pitch”

Karl is actually furious – firstly he heard no racist abuse and secondly felt his team should have remained on the pitch he said “we should have stayed on if they didn’t want to play the game then the game should have been awarded to Yeovil, you can’t just walk-off when your losing”

“The goalkeeper is making it up! we are a family club from a small market town, not a racist club at all” Karl finally stated.

Yeovil Town who have a giant-killing history in FA cup with several famous wins against top teams are expected to be the first club expelled from the competition for fans hurling racist abuse if proven.