Bertie Bassett, Mobile Phone And Toilet Cleaner Make A Hattrick Of Plane Diversions!

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Air France flight AF-136 was travelling from Paris, France to Chicago in the U.S. when a suspicious mobile phone was found on the aircraft.
The flight was almost two hours into its journey when the pilot advised air traffic controllers that they wished to divert to Shannon Airport for “security reasons.”
The flight landed safely at 4.41 pm yesterday and was pursued along the runway by airport fire crews.
 The Airbus A330-200 jet was directed to a remote taxiway where airport police officers and Gardaí were waiting to meet the aircraft.
Garda Inspector Paul Slattery of Shannon said: “The phone was removed from the aircraft and taken to the terminal where it was X-rayed by airport police officers and Gardai.
 Once we were satisfied the phone was safe, it was returned to Air France staff.”
Whilst today American Airlines flight AA729 from Heathrow to Philadelphia was rerouted to Dublin airport at around 1 pm this afternoon
It is understood a bleach-like cleaning product was left in the toilets at Heathrow and spilt out of its container and into the floor.
After the flight took off, the smell of the liquid left passengers and crew suffering ill effects. 
These both follow a third on Friday completing a hattrick of diversions 
When an alert was given shortly after 6:30 am on Friday, October 18, due to a suspicious package at Brest Airport, France.
An abandoned package has been spotted in an aeroplane performing Brest to Paris flight. The aircraft was about to take off with almost 200 passengers on board.
The suspicious package was a circular metal box, with a smiley on the top side. Police quickly set up a security perimeter and 300 people are evacuated from the terminal.
The little smiley box turned to contain Bertie Bassett liquorice allsorts! No one came to claim it and the security perimeter was quickly lifted at 7:41 am.
Two flights from Brest had to be delayed due to Bertie Bassett.