Barcelona Starts To Add Up The Costs Of Riots

Barcelona City is adding up the costs of the effects of the week-long riots following the Supreme Court ruling placing separatist leaders for their role in the unilateral push to split from Spain in 2017.

 Retail Stores and restaurants in the Catalan capital saw a drop in sales of between 30% and 50%, according to Barcelona’s trade and tourism association.

The hotel industry has not yet supplied any figures, although some hotels in the city centre said they have had cancellations and had to lower their rates. The biggest financial drop for hotels will be in forthcoming bookings as tourists will select other destinations for weekend breaks, not risking the thought of getting caught up in the regions troubles.

 Tourists staying in downtown hotels were relocated elsewhere for safety which will have come and further cost.

Meanwhile, the city of Barcelona has estimated the damage to street furniture at €2.7 million. Rioters also turned to looters during the riots with at least 5 large stores stripped bare.

Estimated costs according to a close source estimates when all establishments release their figures the total cost of damage to be in the region of 25 million euro’s as financial losses are combined with damaged property ranging from buildings to blown-up cars.