What A Pair Of Fishing Plonkers!

Credit Twitter

Two anglers were filmed in their fishing boats on a reservoir dangerously close to an overflow in the waters.

They were fishing at Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District when they were caught on camera edging very  close to an overflow which drains water away from the lake when it is full.

Flo Neilson, who was walking past when she spotted the anglers, said “I thought it looked dangerously risky. It was amazing that they managed to control the boats considering the force the water must have had.”

Ms Neilson said she saw them lingering near the edge fishing for a few minutes.

The overflow, one of two in the reservoir, is about 20 metres deep and takes excess water from the reservoir to the River Derwent and to local streams via a tunnel.

Severn Trent Water, which own the reservoir, said it would be reminding anyone using boats on the water to stay safe.

A statement said: “We’re happy for people to use our reservoir for boating and fishing, and boats are available to hire from the fishery. However, we do ask that people stay well away from the overflow plug hole, as obviously this is really dangerous.

“We’ll be reminding everyone who uses the water to avoid the plug hole area and to stay safe.”