Essex Police Confirm Euro Weekly News Source Correct

Credit Twitter

Essex Police has confirmed the bodies of 39 people found in a lorry in Grays were Chinese nationals including 31 men and eight women and a 25-year-old man is still being held in police custody.

This confirms what the Euro Weekly News direct source confirmed earlier this morning that it was Chinese Nationals. 

Our direct close source says that now the police are heavily tracking the route of the sea container and where the Chinese Nationals were loaded into the sea container.

Our source also revealed that human traffickers would have used a refrigerated container to smuggle those aboard as it’s harder to detect the inside goods if the container comes under X-Ray at customs. He also went on to reveal that only one in 30 containers on arrival get X-Rayed at port and that if it had have been pulled for X-Ray the traffickers would have been alerted to a customs delay and would likely have aborted the container collection. On reflection, he feels the container passed straight through and avoided X-Ray detection.


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