Euro Weekly News Reader Say’s Driver Will Be Innocent Of Murder

Credit Twitter

This morning a long-distance lorry driver has called the Euro Weekly News to say he thinks driver Mo Robinson will be found innocent of murder.

“Jacko” Humphries who resides in Almeria when not in his cab across Europe making deliveries explained why he thinks the driver will be found innocent.

“Jacko,” said “It looks like following your reports in the EWN that the container went into an Essex port and that he driver known as Mo drove over in his cab to collect the container from Ireland. As a driver you just follow the job sheets, you get a call and the paperwork emailed through and you take the job, paperwork doesn’t tell you what your load is. It’s a job, collect and deliver, the container is sealed and that seal can not be removed until its broken by those who you are delivering to. I don’t know this driver in question but I do know the job and I don’t think he would have had a clue, my guess is when he parked up for rest break he heard noises and contacted the ambulance services”

“Jacko” further went on to say ” At roadside cafe’s us drivers chat a lot and we know how human traffickers operate, big crime gangs who charge around 3 grand per person, we try to avoid like the plague. The problem is detecting what’s on the load, curtain siders are easier to gauge but a sea container is far different, it’s locked and sealed. The only suspicious thing to me is that a sea container would normally be collected by a more local firm I would have thought, but there again agency drivers can travel large distances for a load, especially the Irish lads searching for work.”

“Jacko” finally added, ” have a look on his facebook page and Instagram it just looks like another driver who loves his job – I’ll put money on it he’s innocent.”