Spanish Far Right Make Death Threats To Small Family Business

Credit Twitter

For agreeing to do the job, the owners of the company that exhumed Franco have been bombed with angry phone calls and death threats from the far right.

 The ongoing threats and abuse have forced the owners to report the incidents to the police, to which was confirmed by one of the brothers.

These days the brothers Juan Carlos and Lorenzo Verdugo are the subject of conversation in many bars in Cuenca as gossip has spread.

 Until just a few days ago, the brothers were working and quietly going about their business in their workshop without being hassled, in the same discreet and calm way they have been working since they inherited the business from their father a decade ago.

The main business of the brothers is in making gravestones and marble finishings, especially for indoor spaces. But while the exhumation of Franco from the Valley of the Fallen has caused great national commotion, the Verdugo brothers did not expect their names to end up in the media and take the flack from people with far-right views.

The contact details of their workshop which are easily found with a simple Google search were then shared on Twitter and Facebook, often by users who showed support for Spain’s fascist-inspired party Falange on their accounts.

The brothers have since faced social media abuse such as  “grave vandal’s” from Far-Right organizations despite just being contracted for another “job”

The relentless bombardment of abusive telephone calls forced the owners to take their phone off the hook. In a matter of hours, their peaceful existence was ended and costing them future business with the phone off the hook.


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