Social Media Expert Explains Facebook Roll Out Of “News Feed” Which Launches Today

Facebook has launched “Facebook News”, which is  the latest attempt by the social media platform to support journalism on its site.

The new tab section will appear alongside the familiar news feed in a special news tab, dedicated solely to journalism according to EWN close contact Adam Hughes social media and marketing expert based in NYC.

Expert Hughes said ” It’s been tested internally with Facebook staff,  and the tab will be rolled out today in the United States before it’s rolled out across the world in 2020″

Hughes further went on to tell us “In the first roll stage Facebook News will show original reporting from local publications in the largest Cities including us here New York as well as others such as LA and Boston.”

Hughes explained ” Facebook for the first time in it’s history, has hired journalists to kick start the feed – but will revert to using automated systems to select which stories it wishes the public to read in local regions around the globe.”

Adam finally finished ” Take you guys in Spain – clearly the leaders of expat news in Spain,  no doubt your excellent news stories will be selected in Spain for English language users of Facebook across the Country as the algorithmic selection will pick them up due to the region and language used, whilst selection will be far harder in native language regions for others. Basically next year a Facebook user will simply be able to click the new news feed tab and up will pop the selected EWN articles for English language users as they use Facebook in Spain”


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