WATCH – Community Fight Back And Batter Ram Raider

Credit Twitter

Police have arrested a suspected robber who was filmed being tackled by the public after a ram-raid on a jewellery store in west London.

Scotland Yard said officers were called shortly before 5.30 pm on Friday after a car was driven into the front of a jewellers store on Uxbridge Road in Shepherd’s Bush.

The vehicle’s robbers were said to have got out and started to try and steal goods from inside the store.

A dramatic video shared on social media appeared to show three robbers wearing motorcycle helmets run out of eSmart Money and Sultan Jewellery, a combined foreign exchange and jewellery business in London.

With members of the public filming and watching on, two of the robbers, wielding what appeared to be weapons, sprint it down the pavement.

In the video footage, a third alleged thief carrying a bag tumbles to the ground in the middle of the road and is quickly surrounded by a group of members from the public.

For several seconds the suspect is pinned down while he is repeatedly kicked and punched before cops arrive to handcuff him.

Further footage of the incident’s aftermath showed a black Range Rover had mounted the pavement and was left half inside the eSmart Money store, surrounded by broken glass.

The Metropolitan police said one male had been arrested on suspicion of robbery after the incident.

Inquiries were said to be ongoing to locate at least two other suspects who fled the scene.

The force said it was aware of the video posted online and was assessing it for evidence.