Air Hostess Claims Against Airline For Alleged Pervert Pilots Watching Toilet Users On Spy Cam

Credit Twitter

Air hostess Renee Steinaker was working on a Southwest Airlines flight between Pittsburgh and Phoenix when she made a disturbing discovery.

Tha air hostess was allegedly asked to step into the cockpit about two and a half hours into the flight so that the pilot, Captain Terry Graham, could go to the toilet following aviation rules that 2 personal must at least be in the cockpit during flight of passengers. 

Whilst in the cockpit Steinaker noticed an iPad mounted onto the windshield near the co-captain’s seat that appeared to be a live feed of Graham inside the airplane’s bathroom.

The incident occurred on February 27, 2017, but Steinaker has now officially filed a legal claim against the airline and the two pilots.

Her lawyer said “”It occurred to her that she, having used the lavatory, as had many of the other attendants and passengers, had likely been filmed by these two pilots while they were flying the airplane”

The air hostess also claims that the co-pilot, Ryan Russell, admitted it to be live streaming and claimed the bathroom camera was hidden, so no one would be able to tell it was in there and that Russell said it was a “security measure” implemented in all Southwest plane bathrooms.

Both pilots deny the allegations. Southwest Airlines confirmed  that they took the initial report seriously and conducted an investigation immediately before concluding that there was no evidence of a hidden camera found in that bathroom.