Paramedics Say How They Stopped Brit From Bleeding To Death

Yesterday we reported how a Brit had his foot bitten off by a shark.

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The Swedish paramedic who was fortunatly on the same tour boat explains how he saved the man bleeding to death.

Paramedic Billy Ludvigsson, said: “Back at home when I work in the ambulance we have time to prepare for the assignment, this time we didn’t.We had to make a make a makeshift tourniquet with ropes and towels to stop the bleeding.It was severe, life threatening at first.But we managed to stop the bleeding pretty fast, actually, in a couple of minutes, maybe five minutes.”

Emma Andersson, an emergency room nurse also fortunatly on the boat said: “We didn’t have time to prepare.We started with the man who was worse first. The other man’s leg didn’t look so bad. The other man had lost his foot and we decided to work more with that, to stop his bleeding first.”

 Ludvigsson further added: “I think that saved his life, because he was bleeding so badly. It was a long boat ride back to shore and if he continued to bleed that much all the way back to shore I’m not sure he would have made it.”

The two men attacked by the shark are currently in a stable condition in Hospital after being so lucky that paramedics were on the same boat cruise.