Granny Hails NHS After Saving Her Life With New Jaw Built From Her Leg

Trish Hatton aged 70, was told she had just two weeks to live.

Trish set about the heartbreaking process of telling her loving family.

Yet, now thanks to wonderful NHS hospital staff who have rebuilt her jaw from scratch, she is celebrating being cancer-free!

The Grandmother is over the moon and so delighted with the NHS staff who pulled out all the stops to save her life after a 14-hour operation that totally rebuilt her jaw.

 Mrs Hatton first started noticing white patches in her mouth and experienced pain several months after getting her wisdom teeth removed. She had assumed it was related to the dentists removal of her teeth, but when she called the hospital to make sure, a dental nurse decided to check with the surgeon.

Mrs Hatton says that nurse saved her life.

 It  turned out it was the first signs of a mouth cancer and was the start of a journey that lead to the life saving 14-hour operation.

 Surgeons removed part of her jaw and took a bone from her leg to create a new jaw.

The grandmother of three said “I have had the most amazing treatment  from the surgeons, my specialist cancer nurse, and my speech therapist, but also from the whole NHS team.Thanks to their skill and care I have had another two-and-a-half years watching my grandchildren in their formative years. They change so much and to be able to witness that has been brilliant.”

Trish, from Tankerton, Kent who holiday’s each year in Southern Spain is speaking out for Mouth Cancer Action Month in November, to raise awareness and to thank the team who saved her life.