Boris You Are Pulling A Fracking Stunt Says Corbyn

A halt to fracking called by the government has been branded “an election stunt” by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

As the Country run’s up to a December 12th General election a suspension has come into play on the basis  information was received that scientific research raised fresh fears over the risk of earthquakes linked to the controversial method of extracting shale gas.

Corbyn often nicknamed “Jezza” by Tories said “It marks a major U-turn by the Tories – including Boris, who once hailed fracking as glorious news for humanity”.

 Conservative Business Secretary Andrea Leadsom has said the ban was only in place “until the science changes”.

Mr Corbyn argued the prime minister could not be trusted over fracking at all and by his tone thinks it’s a cunning stunt by the Tories.