Islamic Law Advisor – Flogged 28 Times For Adultery!

An Indonesian man who employed by a clerical organisation that advised a local government on Islamic law has been flogged in public for adultery.

Mukhlis bin Muhammad, 46, a member of the Aceh Ulema Council , was flogged 28 times  in a public park by a religious officer.

The woman he had the sexual relationship with was flogged, also in public, punished with 23 lashes.

Husaini Wahab, a senior official in Aceh Besar district, said floggings and canings were meant to serve as a reminder to locals to adhere to the Islamic criminal code.

“It doesn’t matter whether he is an ulema, an imam, or an ordinary citizen, the government does not discriminate,” he said, adding that Wahab could no longer belong to the MPU and was sacked from his job after breaking the rules he had advised on of Islamic law.