Love Board Games? Check out these 10 Odd and Forgotten Tabletop Games

Love Board Games? Check out these 10 Odd and Forgotten Tabletop Games

Are you a tabletop games enthusiast? If so, it is likely that you are always on the lookout for new exciting challenges. While there are popular options such as scrabble word finder and monopoly, you can also find others you have never heard of. As a true fan, it is good to keep looking out for new ideas and you can get these even from the past.

Blasts from The Past

Why should you go on hunt back to the past?  While you may love the entertaining aspect of these games and the camaraderie, unique board games also have other interesting health benefits.

They are motivational and help in coordination. Some of these forgotten games are tough and will boost your brain performance. They also help with problem-solving skills and reducing stress.

Harking back to the past for odd tabletop games is a great way to unwind. It is the perfect leisure alternative to your smartphone and other gadgets.

Some of the interesting but forgotten board games from the past include:

  1. Town Dump

This game dates back to 1977 and as the name implies, it has everything to do with garbage. The idea is that kids love playing with anything lying around.

How about giving them a bulldozer to handle their trash? With a miniature bulldozer, players can take all their trash to the rival’s property and therein lies the fun. The lesson? Quite hard to grasp.

  1. Cribbage

This is a classic game invented by Sir John Suckling in the early 1600s. It is card game played by 2 to 6 players and uses a traditional board. The game has strict rules and a fairly unique scoring system.

The board serves as the scoring sheet and is a prominent feature of the game. It is an interesting and fun game to enjoy in the evening with friends or family. If would like to read up on how to play the game, then CoolOldGames lays out the rules for you.

  1. Which Witch?

Yes, that’s the title of a board game from the 70s featuring a house haunted by three witches. Kids would have to navigate through the haunted house where the three witches Ghoulish Gertie, Wanda the Wicked and Glenda the Good. Kids got a fright from this game and maybe parents weren’t too interested in buying it anymore.


This is a party board game from 1967 created by Milton Bradley. Players draw a card with details of a mystery item. They then try fumbling inside the box to try and find the exact item.

Some of the props that came with this game included small forks, and plastic animals and players could add their own. Well, your rivals could add bugs in the box to add spice to the game. While not much information about this game can be found online, BoardGameGeek covers some useful details.

  1. Séance

This board game was not a big hit as it dealt with mature topics yet targeted kids. The game targeted kids aged 7 and above but why did it sink into oblivion?

Players were involved in sharing the estate of their dead uncle Everett. The game entailed bidding for the Uncle Everett’s possessions, and it ranks among the spookiest board games.

The players would confirm the price of the item from their dead uncle and the one with the biggest share of the possession would win. The subject is for adults and little wonder then the game didn’t catch on for long.

Final Thoughts

Tabletop games remain one of the best pastimes for both kids and adults. To add spice to the action, you should consider getting one of these odd and forgotten games and bring it back to life. It will be an evening of fun as everyone tries to learn the classic game.

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