Monkey Chants See Balotelli Blow His Stack

Credit Twitter

Footballer Mario Balotelli kicked a ball into the stands at “football fans” after he was targeted with racist abuse in a Serie A match played on Sunday evening.

Balotelli, who played previously for Manchester City now plays for his hometown club Brescia, he threatened to walk off the pitch after abuse during the match against Verona.

He picked up the ball and kicked it into the stands before looking like he was going to walk off after fans made monkey chants at Balotelli.

Team mates convinced him stay on as well Verona players before the ref Maurizio Mariani initiated the anti-racism protocol.

Mariani unbelievably gave Balotelli a yellow card for the reaction, but it was later cancelled out.

The match was held up for four minutes while a  tannoy message was read out by the stadium announcer, stating the game would be abandoned if further racist abuse took place.

Brescia fans  after the match were astonished when Verona’s coach Ivan Juric denied there had been anything offensive coming from the home stands.