Our Rita Is Going Under The Needle- Will She Survive? SPOILER ALERT

Coronation Street is said to be lining up a heartbreaking Christmas storyline for Rita Sullivan.

The Weatherfield rock  will reportedly have yet  another brush with death after she suffers an accident involving a Christmas tree whilst trimming up.

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 The plot, which is set to highlight the plight of the lonely and elderly over the festive period, will see Rita suffer a fall while attempting to put up some fairy lights.

 Rita will be left trapped beneath the tree for several days waiting for someone to help after it falls on top of her.

 We feared for Rita two years ago when it was discovered that she had a brain tumour after she displayed memory loss but she fought back strongly but will she survive under the needles?

Will she be found? will she survive? or is it finally curtains for our Rita?

To make sure you get to see these dramatic events unfold – take heed and be careful hanging up your trimmings you lovely EWN readers!