Second Dorset Death After Storms As Man Washes Up On Beach

A man’s body has been found on a beach washed up from the sea in Dorset after the weekend’s UK storms.

The storms as we reported in the EWN hit southern England and South Wales.

The body is believed to be related to the disappearance of a man who was swept away by a wave near Freshwater Beach Holiday Park in Bridport whilst walking on the beach.

The man in his mid twenties, was  seen walking along the beach with a woman when they were both swept out to sea by huge waves that crashed into the beach.

Dorset Police were called to action along with the lifeboat service based at nearby Lyme Regis at 2.55pm on Sunday over concerns for a man spotted being swept out to sea as well as his female companion.

The woman managed to make it back to shore and was treated by emergency services but the young man could not be found out in the sea in terrible conditions.

The death follows a lady in her 60’s who suffered a tree falling on her car killing her instantly as high winds of 98mph hit the area of Verwood in Dorset.