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Thousands of people mainly women across Spain have taken to the streets in considerably large demonstrations after five men who took turns to have sex with an unconscious 14-year-old girl were cleared of raping her.

 A court in Barcelona decided to convict the men of a lesser count of sexual abuse because they did not use violence or intimidation and it has sparked utter outrage all over Spain.

Monday night as the word spread of the ruling across the Country as James Warren of the  EWN reported and other media channels followed- demonstrators hit the streets and  started protesting in various cities demanding a change in the law.

In the capital city capital Madrid – thousands of people gathered at the gates of the ministry of justice demand action.

Banners and flags made by the protesters displayed their sentiment as they read “I do believe you!” and “It’s not abuse, it’s rape”

Meanwhile Spains deputy prime minister waded into the war of words and said ” It is a priority of the Spanish government to change the law to make it clear that consent is necessary for sexual relations to occur legally.”

His efforts to the cause though could hit a snag as Spain has it’s general election on Sunday this week and the powers to be could change and have different views.

Although the voting will not stop these protesters who want serious change to the law whoever is in power.

It’s expected more protests will follow as the campaign continues and gathers pace on social media.

#EnoughPatriarchalJustice is the hastag being used used across all platforms by the campaigners which is swelling in numbers of support.