A father with a history of violence towards children has been jailed for life for killing his own baby daughter.

His own daughter Harper suffered multiple injuries at the hands of Kevin Eves, 37, and then after the injuries were inflicted he smothered her within the family home.

Beast Eves had changed his name after being known as Forbes in 2006 when he was banged up for nine years for GBH after assaulting a little boy.

On release he changed his name and became an internet dater and hid his past from his partner Cherinea Denton, 34.

 Beast Eves had denied murdering their baby daughter but a jury found him guilty late yesterday.

The Old Bailey heard how baby Harper suffered 34 rib fractures, 11 classic metaphyseal fractures, two fractured metatarsal bones, one in each foot and a skull fracture.

The court was told the injuries had been inflicted over at least three incidents in the three weeks before Harper died from suffocation when in the final assault Eves held his hand over Harper’s mouth, as she struggled and gasped for air.

After the vile killing beast Eves her he put her back in her Moses basket and went to sleep, the Old Bailey heard.

Judge Mrs Justice O’Farrell sentenced Eves to life in prison with a minimum of 20 years to be served.

As the judge sent him down she said to the monster ” “Unfortunately you did not have the instincts to protect and nurture that most parents have.

“You were insensitive to the fragility of your baby and you were unable or unwilling to put her needs before your own comfort. You had uncontrolled rage.

“Probably you regretted your actions immediately. Probably you were remorseful, probably you tried to comfort Harper, but that did not stop you hurting her again and again and for that you must serve a minimum of 20 years behind bars”

After the sentencing it was revealed the previous sentence he had served as Forbes was for inflicting “life-threatening” head injuries and fractures to the elbow of a young boy the son of his former partner.