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Ryanair has grounded three planes due to cracks between the wing and fuselage.

Three of the airline’s Boeing 737s have been affected by so-called “pickle fork” cracks, which have led to 50 planes being grounded since 3 October across the aviation industry.

The revelation comes after the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) issued a directive for all Boeing 737 planes above 30,000 flight cycles to be inspected for pickle fork cracks within a week.

The FAA also told airlines to inspect all 737s that were between 22,600 and 30,000 flight cycles within the next seven months.

All three of the grounded Ryanair 737s stopped flying within the week of the authority’s 3 October announcement although Ryan Air didn’t make public.

International airlines such as Qantas and Southwest have also been affected by the issue, however they did disclose the issues.