Firework injury

Stephanie Roe, 33, was having a fireworks display at home when a £2 rocket bought from a local newsagents shop flew sideways instead of up, exploding in her daughter Maisie’s scarf.

 Maisie, who is now seven, suffered severe burns and will be scarred for the rest of her life. Her police officer mum later decided to release a shocking video of the incident as a stark warning to other parents about the dangers of fireworks.

Stephanie, from Devon, is also asking all other supermarkets to follow Sainsbury’s example by banning them from shelves in time for Bonfire night 2020.

The mother said  “Fireworks are explosives and can be extremely dangerous and I still don’t believe they should be readily available to the general public. I would urge everyone to go to an organised display. Needless to say we were thrilled at Sainsbury’s decision to remove them from general sale and more should follow their example.”

Stephanie then added “There are amazing professional displays all over the country, please consider going to one of those as opposed to fireworks in the garden this year. As a mother who had to watch her tiny child endure so much pain and who’s little body is scarred for life, I can hand on heart say it is never worth the risk.”

With all the nights violence involving emergency services being attacked by fireworks the mother certainly has a point.