Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of faking crowds at his campaign launch.

Photos have emerged seeming to show huge open spaces around the supporters.

The Prime Minister launched the Conservative Party election campaign at the NEC Arena in Birmingham on Wednesday night, calling for voters to “come with us”.

Boris spoke and received huge roars of cheers from party members, whilst pictures showed  actually low numbers some people are also suggesting that the crowd was handpicked with only 500 members at the launch.

Images released to the public and media channels showed a packed crowd of supporters, even though the NEC hall was only about a third full.

Actor and writer David Schneider tweeted “Fake promises to get Brexit done, Fake numbers of hospitals being built, Fake NHS stats, Fake promises on schools, Fake Brexit deadlines, Fake statements on free trade and free ports, Faked videos, Faked adverts, All in front of a fake large crowd. Welcome to the Tory Campaign Launch.”