Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers have won a courtroom bid against a woman who accuses the footballer of raping her in Las Vegas in 2009.

Kathryn Mayorga, a former teacher and model, is raising questions about the validity of a confidentiality agreement and a payment of  £292,537 she received from Ronaldo’s business advisors in 2010 to settle the claim and keep quiet.

US magistrate Daniel Albregts told Ms Mayorga’s lawyer ” it will be up to a higher-level judge to decide if her effort to obtain more money advances will go to trial or be settled behind closed doors”

The judge went on to state on record his preliminary review of settlement documents filed under seal in the civil lawsuit led him to agree with Ronaldo’s lawyers that the record should, at least for now, remain sealed.

The accusers lawyers refused to comment after the hearing, at the Euro Weekly News we asked football fan Neil Beames from Fuengirola his thoughts Neil said ” She’s after the wedge – bloody gold digger that’s all she is, what woman allows her name to be publicised after being raped?”

Ms Mayorga, who lives in the Las Vegas area, gave consent through her lawyers to be identified last year.