Extraction of archaeological remains in last stages at Málaga Metro

Extraction of archaeological remains in last stages at Málaga Metro

METRO DELAYS: The findings have halted construction

After a time-consuming process to move walls from the Muslim period, workers at Malaga Metro are finally finishing up. The process of extraction and conservation of the archaeological remains will be complete before the end of the year.

Building work on the metro in Malaga has been completely paralysed since the remains from the twelfth century were found. The section of metro between Maria Zambrano train station and Calle Larios has been continually paused as historical artefacts have been discovered. Now, after months of work by Corte Ingles department store, the assembly of the metal structure to lift the findings will begin. The Ministry of Culture has worked on conserving the parts of the remains that could be salvaged.

Sources close to the project have explained the same process will be followed as the one used on remains found at main street Alameda. A frame with the same dimensions as the tunnel will be lowered underground with a crane. Once everything is in place, the vertical remains will be carefully extracted.

The Junta of Andalucía is overseeing the process and will put the Muslim artefacts on display. The Ministry of Development has promised the complete extraction of the remains before the new year.

Remarkably, the discoveries date back to the eleventh and twelfth century and are in a good state. Part of the remains are a typical house during the Muslim era, that constitutes an important archaeological element. Before any further work was permitted, technicians and archaeologists had to discern what elements were ‘indispensable for the understanding of past history and cultural values.’

Experts analysed the structure to determine weak spots or fragments that were susceptible to breakage. These parts of the remains have been covered with polyurethane foam and confined between boards for transport. With this advance, the completion of the metro line is hoped to continue forward.