Jeremy We Will Join You – IF? Say’s Nicola Sturgeon

Credit Twitter

Nicola Sturgeon opened up the Scottish National Party saying “we will drive a hard bargain” with Corbyn on supporting a minority Labour government, which would be conditional on his backing for a second referendum on Brexit.

The comments are in reference to if there is a hung parliament after the election vote in the UK where parties would have to form an alliance to ensure a government is formed.

Scottish opinion polls suggest the SNP will increase its number of Westminster seats to around 45 a view endorsed privately by other parties  regaining some it lost in the 2017 election.

SNP currently holds 35 out of Scotland’s 59 Westminster constituencies. Sturgeon has made clear she would regard that result as a clear mandate in favour of a second independence vote.

Sturgeon suggested Corbyn would do a deal with her to allow one next year, implying that question would not arise. “I don’t think anybody who steps back from this would be surprised to hear me say that the SNP is not going to be giving support for parties that do not recognise the central principle of the right of the people of Scotland to choose their own future,” she said.